Situation: Change Healthcare is experiencing a network interruption related to a cyber security issue.

Wellpath Response Steps:

  1. Wellpath has suspended all transaction connectivity to/from Change Healthcare and will continue to monitor the situation as information becomes available.

2.      Wellpath 24/7 Security Operator System has not seen any indicator that the attacker attempted to impact Wellpath systems. Wellpath's Cybersecurity program is on high alert. 

3.      Wellpath is utilizing our alternate clearinghouses, SSI Claimsnet and Smart Data Solutions to receive claims.

4.      Wellpath has not received any electronic claims submissions from Change Healthcare since 2/20/2024. If you have submitted claims for services rendered on that date or after, please send a paper copy your claims to:


HCS Correctional Management

PO Box 111890

Nashville, TN 37222


                                For Federal Inmate Patients:

                                HCS Correctional Management

                                PO Box 111892

                                Nashville, TN 37222


5.      Alternatively, you can submit your claims electronically if you are connected to either of our alternate clearinghouses. If you are not connected to either of these clearinghouses, you can still submit to them through any of these other major clearinghouse partners:

1.      Availity, Waystar, Cognizant, or Office Ally

2.      NOTE: Claims for Federal Inmate patients should be sent to Electronic Payer ID “JLSFE”. ALL other patient claims should be submitted to electronic Payer ID “62111”. 

Next Steps: Wellpath will continue to monitor the situation and coordinate response as necessary to protect Wellpath information systems and data resources.

Additional information: Change Healthcare has established a site to provide updates on the issue, available here: